Shootout at the Prime Minister’s Compound In Ramallah

Kawther Salam | Aug 9, 2012

تواصل جرائم قتل النساء في فلسطين

Ramallah – Kawther Salam – The Palestinian “Prime Minister” Dr. Salam Fayyad and the “President” Mahmoud Abbas have both targeted the Palestinian resistance and the opposition to their power in coordination with the Israeli and US intelligence, jailing and torturing dozens of politician figures, university students, doctors and engineers from Fatah, Hamas and other parties.

Recently the PA murdered a famous Palestinian military figure, Osama Aqel Mansour at the headquarters of the military intelligence.

Aqel was murdered because he knew which elements of the PA were involved in selling several buildings and lands of Palestinian property to the Israeli occupation in Jerusalem and the West Bank. He was was thrown from a window of the military intelligence court just before giving testimony about the names of PA criminal elements.

On last Saturday, August 4 2012, the PA jailers murdered another prisoner, Raed Mahmoud Deeb, 49 years old, at the “Tulkarem center of reform and rehabilitation” (a jail). The criminal acts of the PA have immensely worsened the situation in the West Bank and created huge anger among all Palestinians

Wednesday August 8 2012 – Eyewitnesses reported an exchange of fire between PA police and unknown assailants at Dr. Salam Fayyad’s compound in Ramallah yesterday, but there were no reports of injuries according to the eyewitnesses. PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad was not in his compound during the shooting. He was touring in southern West Bank towns near Hebron

According to the Palestinian eyewitnesses, the exchange of gunfire in the Ramallah lasted around a minute. The Palestinian newspaper Al-Quds said that there had been no casualties. A few minutes after the incident began police were deployed in force, scouring the area for shell casings.

The Al-Quds newspaper reported about the exchange of fire yesterday night. The newspaper posted a picture of the Palestinian Special Forces around the Fayyad compound, but today morning the newspaper deleted the news about the shooting from its website.

According to Reuters, the Palestinian Authority officials declined to comment, citing the sensitivity of the incident, and there was no immediate indication of who was behind the attack.

The shooting occurred on a main thoroughfare clustered with modern government buildings under constant police guard.

Ramallah is the Palestinians’ administrative capital in the West Bank, under limited self-rule by the so-called Palestinian Authority, in territory Israel captured in the 1967 war, and for which Palestinians have long sought statehood.

The Palestinian Authority has launched a security crackdown in the West Bank in recent months, arresting scores of suspects in a security sweep that has sparked anger against PA President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah-led government.

The crackdown, led by elite presidential guards and the “counter-terrorism” unit, is seen as a determined bid by the Western-backed authority to regain control of key areas and smash armed elements that could challenge its power. Fayyad told Reuters in June 2012 that the operation would be broad-based and long lasting.

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