Quds Institution: IOA to pay dearly for any harm done to the Aqsa mosque

[ PIC 14/08/2012 – 12:41 PM ]

BEIRUT, (PIC)– The International Quds Institution called on Arab and Islamic countries to confront the Israeli occupation authority’s recent accelerated attacks targeting the Aqsa Mosque.

Those countries should warn the IOA that it would pay dearly for any harm done to the Aqsa, the IQI said

It warned, in a statement on Monday, that the ineffective responses of Arab and Islamic countries and their silence at the official and popular levels were encouraging the IOA to accelerate its Judaizing measures in Jerusalem and the Aqsa Mosque.

It pointed out that this is the first time, since the occupation of East Jerusalem in 1967, the occupation dares to propose the division of the Aqsa mosque between Muslims and Jews at the official level, noting that repeated calls to divide the Mosque aim to test the Arab and international community’s reactions.

The Beirut-based institution condemned the PA’s silence regarding the issue of Jerusalem, and said that such a position facilitates the occupation’s Judaizing measures against the Aqsa Mosque and other Palestinian holy sites.

The IQI finally called on Arab presidents and kings to pressure the IOA and allow their people to act in support of the Aqsa. It also called on the Arab and Islamic masses to unite in order to protect Jerusalem and provide it with financial as well as moral support.


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