#PalHunger | Israeli Prison Service Mistreats Palestinian Striking Prisoners in Israeli Jail

PNN | Aug 15, 2012

The Palestinian prisoner Hassan Safadi, who has been on hunger strike since 21/6/2012 announced on Wednesday 15th August, that he will also stop drinking water after the last assault by Israeli Prison Service against him and the prisoner Samer al-Barq.

Al-Safadi is striking against the broken promise of the Israeli prisons’ administration to release him and against the renewal of his administrative detention for another six months.

Al-Safadi told the lawyer of the Palestinian prisoners’ society during his visit to al-Ramleh prison medical centre ,” the jailers in the so-called “al-Ramla medical centre ,” assaulted him for the second time and assaulted the prisoner al-Barq in an attempt to put pressure on them to break their hunger strike and cast them away from their struggle .

Al-Safadi told the lawyer that the jailers confiscated his room contents and all the electronic devices and only left a mattress.

The lawyer also visited the prisoner Ayman al-Sharawna, who has been on hunger strike for 45 days. Al-Sharawna told the lawyer that as a result of the strike, he’s now suffering from a problem in the kidneys, dizziness and constant pain in the back and legs, adding that he’s now in a solitary cell.

he also told the lawyer that when he asked the clinic’s doctor in the prison to give him pain killers to ease his back pain, the doctor made a compromise to give him a needle if he ends his strike.

Al-Safadi called on the world to intervene to save his live in light of a clear and quick deterioration in his health condition, especially after two consecutive strikes and for long periods.

Palestinian prisoners’ society is concerned for the lives of the prisoners, and holds the occupation authorities fully responsible for the lives of prisoners, and called on the human rights organizations to quickly intervene to find a quick solution to his case and the issue of his fellow striking prisoners.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the prisoners Safadi, Barq and Sharawna, the prisoner Samer al-Issawi, is also on hunger strike since the first of this month, August 2012.


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