Media Forum condemns IOF attack on six journalists

[ PIC 18/08/2012 – 12:46 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– Palestinian Media Forum strongly condemned the Israeli occupation forces’ attack on six Palestinian journalists and detaining them for hours while they were covering a peaceful demonstration in the occupied West Bank on Friday.

The Forum said in a statement Saturday, that IOF soldiers attacked the journalists while dispersing the weekly peaceful march against the separation wall in Kafr Qaddum in Qalqilya in the West Bank, and transferred them to Kedumim settlement established on the village lands.

It affirmed that the detainees were released after the occupation soldiers forced them to sign a pledge not to perform their work as journalists in Kafr Qaddum.

It also pointed out that this incident and all the Zionist measures of using force against peaceful demonstrations, prove that “Israel continues to act as a state above the law and it is high time for the international community to intervene to stop this violation of all international laws and conventions.”

The Forum stated that there are many reporters who are still under Israeli detention; which requires an effective and serious move by the concerned bodies and institutions.

It finally urged the journalists to keep exposing the occupation practices and its crimes against the Palestinian people and the freedoms.

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