Pro-Palestinians prepare new mission for Palestinian children

PressTV | Aug 20, 2012

These pro-Palestinian French are ready to return to meet Palestinians on their soil.

This time, it is upon the official invitation of the Palestinian Authority who has requested safe passage to the French Foreign Minister for the French visitors.

In the past, Western visitors to Palestine were refused entry. Their names were blacklisted and they were not allowed boarding by airlines. Israeli authorities stated they were hooligans. But the organizers say they think otherwise.

This time the organizers say that beyond their right to visit their Palestinian friends, they are also accomplishing a second goal, which is, the right of Palestinian children to education.

Books, pencils, notebooks and other stationary are being collected. Palestinian children have suffered a severe shortage of essential items due to the long running Israeli blockade.

Organizers say, despite the odds, they are determined to reach Palestine.

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