Fatah should distance itself from Abbas’s scandalous remarks ~ by Khalid Amayreh

[ PIC 02/09/2012 – 11:27 PM ]

In the presence of a visiting Israeli delegation in Ramallah last week, Palestinian Authority (PA) and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas said ” Israel was created in order to stay for ever.”

The Zionist delegation included Talmudic religious leaders, including the rabbi of a Bethlehem-area colony, Menachem Fruman.

Abbas’s remarks have been vehemently rejected and condemned by many Palestinian intellectuals, who called the remarks, inter alia, catastrophic, shocking and crossing all redlines.

Most Palestinians and much of the world consider the Israeli entity a gigantic crime against humanity, a war crime unlike any other in the annals of history. The extirpation of millions of Palestinians from their ancestral homeland and dispersing them to the four winds can never be allowed to acquire historical or more legitimacy, regardless of any practical or pragmatic considerations. Hence, Abbas’s remarks should be condemned in the strongest terms.

In fact, Abbas has no right to make such statements, despite his prerogative as PA chairman and Fatah leader. The vast majority of the Palestinian people, including Fatah, wouldn’t and don’t condone the sell-out of their rights in what is known today as Israel.

This includes the paramount right of return for more than five million Palestinian refugees scattered all over the world, awaiting the opportunity for repatriation to their former home-villages and towns from which they were expelled at the murderous hands of Zionist invaders from Eastern Europe.

Needless to say, one of the shocking implications of Abbas’s misstatements is a de facto acknowledgement of the validity of the Zionist narrative as opposed to the invalidity of the Palestinian national narrative.

But that would be the most scandalous and most treasonous pronouncement a Palestinian, let alone a Palestinian leader, would make.

Abbas should have thought elaborately before uttering the unutterable. Palestine from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean belongs to the Palestinian people and the Muslim Umma, not to the Abbas’ family. Which begs the question of whether Abbas had consulted with the Palestinian people and Muslims around the world before uttering these stunning words.

We all realize that the Zionist entity is powerful militarily, thanks to its domination of the American government. But does military power spell moral legitimacy? Does the control by a few Jewish kleptocrats and robber barons of the American political arena mean that East European Jewish invaders were correct and justified in stealing Palestine from its legitimate Arab proprietors?

Once again, Abbas has no right whatsoever to renounce our rights in our ancestral homeland on the ground that the foreign occupiers are militarily powerful and have powerful countries at their beck and call.

The Crusaders occupied Palestine and Jerusalem for a period longer than the lifespan of the Zionist state, but the Muslim powers of the time didn’t succumb to the fait accompli created by the Franks in the Holy Land. And, eventually, the Crusaders were vanquished.

Perhaps Abbas is too demoralized and too un-Islamic to be expected to emulate or even imitate Salahuddin al-Ayyoubi. This is quite understandable.

But in our Islamic culture, he that can’t pay a pride’s dowry has no right to commit fornication. Similarly, if Muslims can not liberate Palestine due to their military weakness, they have no right to come to terms with the usurpation of Muslim land.

Again, Israel is a regional military superpower, due to the Jewish domination of American political life. But that is in no way translated into historical or moral legitimacy for the Zionist entity. In the final analysis, moral legitimacy overrides political reality, and Israel has no moral legitimacy whatsoever as far as 1500.000 million Muslims and billions of other honest-minded men and women are concerned.

I realize that the Fatah movement is too weak and too unprincipled to look Abbas in the eye and tell him “you are wrong Mr. President.”

Abbas’s PA can’t survive without western handouts. If Abbas disappears, so will the politically-motivated money. Hence, Fatah is not in a position to challenge Abbas even if he commits political apostasy with inalienable Palestinian rights, which he has already done.

That is really sad and lamentable to say the very least because Fatah has always argued, rather correctly, that the Palestinian people are far greater than their leaders.

However, the fact nearly all Fatah leaders at home and in the Diaspora are quite reticent and speechless following Abbas’s brashly embarrassing remarks means that Fatah is either tacitly accepting its president’s stance or is too weak and two cowardly to confront him on this paramount matter.

Fatah is not a treacherous movement. It shouldered the burden of national struggle for many years during which it made numerous sacrifices.

However, Fatah has been doing injustice to its own image and its own history by capitulating to a status quo shaped by demoralized politicians and mediocre leaders who would go to any extent in order to meet Zionist ambitions and vagaries.

The balance of power between the president of Fatah and the group’s grass-root followers and supporters is probably too oblique to allow us to ask the group’s authentic leaders, e.g. those still loyal to the legacy of Yasser Arafat (whatever this might mean), to rebel against their ( Abbas’s) leadership. He would simply cut off their financial lifeline.

None the less, Fatah, in light of its leadership’s unrelenting march toward the liquidation of the Palestinian cause, will have to choose between maintaining its financial lifeline and maintaining its survival.

The choice may not be easy for those who go by the slogan “feed me today, and kill me tomorrow.”

However for those who won’t fornicate with our just cause, no matter how grave the consequences, the choice is simple and easy.

In the final analysis, there is no verse in the Holy Quran stating that the Palestinian problem must be resolved during Mahmoud Abbas’s life time.

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