MP Mansour: Economic conditions deteriorate in WB due to Paris convention

[ PIC 03/09/2012 – 09:35 PM ]

RAMALLAH,(PIC)– MP Mona Mansour called on PA to put an end to the pace of rising prices and the declining economic situation in the West Bank.

The PA has to re-consider Paris convention and to stop dealing with it especially that it is the first reason behind the deteriorating economic conditions in Palestine, where it strengthens the dependence of the Palestinian economy on the Israeli economy, the MP confirmed.

She warned against the consequences of continuing to deal with Paris Convention, which has caused along the past years a sharp decline to the Palestinian economy.

The Palestinian citizen is witnessing a very dramatic and difficult condition with the start of the school year, the MP noted, stressing that the economic situation directly affects all aspects of life, including the education sector, which is the real treasure for the Palestinian people.

Mansoor appealed to traders to ease the burden of the citizens’ living conditions as much as possible and not to be a part of the economic war against the Palestinian citizens.

Mansour pointed out that the Palestinian Legislative Council needs to take its role urgently especially in controlling the economic sector.

She stressed that the continued Palestinian division, that prevents the Legislative Council’s meeting, is an additional factor to be added to vulnerabilities in facing the price rises and the war in the region.

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