Old prisoners: PA neglects prisoners’ issue

[ PIC 05/09/2012 – 11:05 AM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Old prisoners in occupation prisons accused the PA leadership of neglecting the prisoners’ issue and giving false promises about their release.

They pointed out, in a statement, that they will go on an open hunger strike under the slogan “freedom or martyrdom” on the nineteenth anniversary of the Oslo agreement, demanding their release.

Oslo agreement was a big shock especially that it did not mention the prisoners’ liberation at all, but it left them as a prey to the Israeli occupation, forgetting the prisoners’ role in struggling for the freedom and independence of their country and their people, the statement said.

PLO leaders had stated at the time that our release would be soon, 19 years have passed since the signing of that fateful agreement, and nothing was achieved, they said in the statement, stressing that they suffer a state of neglect and disregard.

The prisoners held PLO leaders, the PA, and the national and Islamic factions, particularly Fatah and the PA president Mahmoud Abbas responsible for their release and their lives.

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