Islamic MPS call for implementing Supreme Court resolution on dismissed teachers

[ PIC 05/09/2012 – 07:26 PM ]

RAMALLAH,(PIC)– Change and Reform Bloc MPs called for implementing the Palestinian Supreme Court’s ruling against the arbitrary dismissal of hundreds of teachers for political reasons.

MP Samira Halaiqa stated that the PA security services has to implement the verdict as soon as possible otherwise it will be neglected like hundreds of resolutions against political and dismissed detainees.

She added that the resolution will never change the dismissed teachers’ condition if it is not implemented, calling on the PA to stop its systematic policy in dismissing the employees for their political views.

Halaiqa stressed that a number of the dismissed teachers have received official promises to return to their jobs but until now nothing has happened, insisting on the seriousness of not implementing the Supreme Court’s resolution.

For his part, the Jerusalemite MP Ahmed Attoun welcomed the Palestinian court’s decision, while MP Ramahi called on the PA not to procrastinate as it had happened with the Supreme Court’s decisions concerning political prisoners.

The MP Mona Mansour confirmed that this decision proves the dismissed teachers’ just issue, hoping that the political arrests and dismiss atmosphere will end soon.

For her part, the MP Mariam Saleh thanked the Palestinian judiciary for its” belated” resolution “belated” and all the teachers’ issue supporters.

Furthermore, MP for the district of Tulkarem Fathi Qaraawi called to accelerate the implementation of the court’s decision.

He considered the resolution as a victory to the Palestinian working class who have suffered a lot because of political reasons.

Palestinian Legislative Council MPs in the West Bank have attended the Supreme Court session in Ramallah concerning the arbitrary dismissal of hundreds of teachers since four years.

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