Hamas calls the Arab League to address the Israeli “I am a Refugee” campaign

[ PIC 06/09/2012 – 08:53 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– The Office for Refugees’ Affairs of Hamas sent a note to the Secretary-General of the Arab League Dr. Nabil El-Arabi to address the Israeli “I am a Refugee” campaign.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry launched recently a new campaign to wrap over the Palestinian refugees’ rights, particularly the right of return. The campaign aimed to equate between the Palestinian refugees who were displaced from their country by the Israeli occupation, and between Jewish colonists who have been brought to the Palestine with the encouragement of the Jewish Agency and the Israeli successive governments.

The note stated that the Arab League had considered previously in its resolutions that “all entrants to Palestine (Jews) are illegal immigrants who must return to the places they came from.” This confirms that the Arab countries not involved in the displacement of Jews.

Hamas stressed that Jews lived and thrived in the Arab world for hundreds of years without being discriminated against or persecuted.

The movement confirmed that this Israeli campaign needs an Arab strong position that renews the Arab League resolution of the 76th session in order to encourage the Jews who immigrated to Palestine to return to their respective Arab countries and live equal with Arab citizens like their fathers did.

The movement confirmed that Palestinian refugees are determined in their adherence to the right of return and compensation together, calling on Arab League to cancel the Arab initiative concerning Palestinian refugees’ issue which talks about a “just solution to be agreed on regarding the issue of refugees”.

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