True Israeli confessions of torturing Palestinian children

13-year-old Majed Jaradat was abused by Israeli soldiers.
13-year-old Majed Jaradat was abused by Israeli soldiers.
“You want to kill him but he’s crying”: More Israeli soldiers’ confessions of crimes against children
n 2007, Israeli soldiers arrested 13-year-old Majid Jaradat for throwing stones during a demonstration in Sair village, near Hebron. Majed spoke about the violence of his arrest and detention in a video produced by Israeli rights organization B’tselem.

But this was no isolated case. Many more such incidents are reported in a new publication from the Israeli veterans’ organization Breaking The Silence with shocking admissions from Israeli soldiers about the maltreatment of Palestinian children under Israeli occupation. The disturbing violations of children’s rights by soldiers took place in the occupied Palestinian territories between 2005-2011.

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