By Dana Mahmoud | Sept 9, 2012

Can I ask a question?

Why the world hate us? Yes, us, Palestinian refugees?

Why they claim to support our cause while they don’t spare a chance to insult us as individuals? Why Lebanon is denying assistance to Palestinians refugees coming from Syria?

Why Jordan is doing the same?

Why Iraqis killed us and still detain many of us?

Why Palestinians holding travel documents are denied visa to any destination in the world? Why Norway is leaving Neda and me in limbo?

Yes, Why do you hate us?

All your actions show that you do, all your words show the opposite, but I’m obliged to believe your actions, so I’m asking you why?

What did we do to deserve this? You were the ones who asked our grandparents to leave Palestine so you can liberate it from the Zionists who occupied it, you were the ones who asked us to be refugees and you offered your countries for us.

You were the ones who signed all these refugees and stateless conventions, pretending to be willing to take your international responsibilities toward us and people like us.

You were the ones who kept us stateless with no rights and you were the ones who made it almost impossible for us to move forward in life…

But you know what we don’t hate you back, we love you, We love because we have been oppressed for so long to know that hatred only generate hatred and nothing good will come out of it!

Picture is part of #Tine Poppe exhibition in Fredrekstand.

More stories about undocumented children in Norway can be found in this book.

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