#PalProtests | Mass popular anger over Fayyad’s speech

[ PIC 12/09/2012 – 09:48 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The Palestinian citizens in the West Bank considered Salam Fayyad’s speech, the illegal head of the Ramallah government, as a failed attempt to absorb the protesters’ anger over the rising cost of living.

The protests have continued after Fayyad’s speech, where the public transport union announced a partial strike on Wednesday and on Thursday.

Many young Palestinians expressed on Facebook their rejection of Fayyad’s solutions, where the citizen Abdullah Sharaka from Nablus said that the speech did not solve the dilemma, but it represented prosthesis solutions.

Fayyad announced, on Tuesday in a news conference, a package of subsidies and tax cuts on Tuesday in an effort to quell protests against the high cost of living in the West Bank and the government’s failure to pay full salaries to civil servants.

Fayyad announced later in the day that he would cancel a series of price increases in fuel and cooking gas. He told that he also plans to lower VAT and said he would fund the subsidies by cutting the salaries of government ministers and other top officials.

Following the speech, the citizen Sami Hussein from Ramallah said that “the speech did not solve the basic dilemma in a failed attempt to escape.

The human rights activist Tamer Jalal expressed his rejection of Fayyad’s statements in which he said that the crisis was beyond his control and that Israel’s occupation of the West Bank is the “major reason” for the problems.

The occupation did not oblige the PLO to sign the humiliating Paris protocol, Jalal said, adding that Fayyad’s solutions do not live up to the citizens’ demands.

Hamza from Nablus also expressed his rejection of Fayyad’s speech saying that it is a failed speech of a failed government that does not meet the aspirations of its people, calling on it to leave.

The protesters confirmed that they will continue their protest activities regardless the PA arrests.


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