Khreisheh: bi-national state contradict foundations of Palestinian struggle

[ 14/09/2012 – 10:21 AM ]

TULKAREM, (PIC)– Hassan Khreisheh, Second Deputy speaker of Palestinian Legislative Council denounced remarks made by a leader in Fatah and Palestine Liberation Organization, Ahmed Qurei, about PA’s willingness to conduct negotiations with the occupation about creating a bi-national state.

Khreisheh considered, in a statement to Quds Press on Thursday, that Ahmed Qurei’s statement “came because the two-state solution has become impossible in light of the practices committed by the occupation.”

The PLC member for the city of Tulkarem stressed that “Qurei’s remarks are contradicting Fatah movement’s position regarding establishing a democratic state where both Palestinians and Jews enjoy equal rights.”

He noted that “the establishment of bi-national state means eliminating all foundations underlying the Palestinian struggle for decades.”

Concerning Ramallah authority’s plan to request for observer status in the international organization, Khreisheh pointed out that such step “has no importance and does not serve the Palestinian cause.”

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