Resheq: Clinton’s disapproval of the movie is not enough

[ PIC 16/09/2012 – 09:06 AM ]

BEIRUT, (PIC)– Member of Hamas’s political bureau Ezzat Al-Resheq said the condemnation remarks made by US secretary of state Hillary Clinton against the anti-Islam movie were not enough.

In a press release, Resheq denounced the US attempts to use freedom of opinion to justify such blasphemy against the most sacred figure in Islam and to enable the perpetrator to go unpunished and without accountability.

He stressed that the movie was aimed at provoking and incurring the wrath of Muslims.

“It is not something strange that this movie was released concurrently with the anniversary of September 11th events in order to increase the ignorance of the American people about the truth of Islam and its noble message,” the Hamas official underlined.

The official called on the organization of Islamic cooperation and the Arab League to take firm positions in defense of the Prophet of Islam and against this blasphemy.



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