Tell it like it is! Abrash: The PA security forces are Israel’s backup units

[ PIC 16/09/2012 – 09:49 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– Former Palestinian minister of culture Ibrahim Abrash said the Palestinian authority’s security cooperation with the Israeli regime does not serve the Palestinians and called on Mahmoud Abbas to reconsider it.

He made his remarks in an article addressing de facto president Mahmoud Abbas and urging him to stop his obstinacy and admit the failure of Oslo settlement process.

“The security coordination is no longer serving the Palestinians; it harms them and the Palestinian authority,” Abrash said.

“The claim that the security coordination is for the good of the Palestinians is refutable because the advantages that come out of this coordination with regard to humanitarian and social matters as well as the issue of movement and travel cannot be compared to the considerable disadvantages resulting from the political and security collaboration,” he added.

“The security coordination makes the PA security apparatuses like backup units helping the Israeli army and settlers as they arrest, kill and steal the land and water,” the former official underscored.

Speaking about Oslo agreement, he said that Egypt, which signed the Camp David treaty, is now reconsidering some of its terms in a way serving its own interests, while the PA are unable to do so with its Oslo agreement despite its tragic consequences for the Palestinian people.


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