Israeli forces close Silwan entrances for Jewish holidays

[ PIC 18/09/2012 – 04:23 PM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM,(PIC)– The Israeli forces closed the northern entrances to East Jerusalem’s Silwan neighborhood on Monday to allow settlers celebrating the Jewish new year to access the area.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center denounced the Israeli measure that forced the Palestinian residents to take long detours to reach their homes.

Israeli forces were deployed in Silwan neighborhoods and closed its northern entrances preventing the children from reaching their schools and the residents from accessing their works.

“These routes were closed to Silwan residents to allow military vehicles and settler buses carrying settlers from the nearby outposts to freely tour the neighborhood,” the Center said.

In a related context, Elad Association started preparation for the construction of a pedestrian bridge linking the visitor center “City of David” to the tunnel of Buraq square, passing through Wadi Hilweh square “Givati station​​”, where workers brought the needed stones and materials for construction.

On the other hand, occupation forces raided and occupied Wadi Hilweh playground to turn it “to a military check point” during the celebration of “the Jewish New Year.”

Mada center confirmed that the occupation forces stormed suddenly Wadi Hilweh playground, sparking fear among the children who were playing inside.

Locals said that at Jewish New Year settlers come to the area to perform rituals at a local spring, adding that the IOF will use the playground as an Israeli military post during the Jewish New Year.

The Wadi Hilweh playground, built on a Palestinian family’s land 6 months ago, is threatened to be confiscated by the Israeli authorities to turn it to a car park.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center warned against exploiting the Jewish holidays to change the town of Silwan’s features preparing to build a pedestrian bridge.

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