IOA renews the house arrest of 70 year old Jerusalemite activist Abdel Latif Ghaith for the third time

[ PIC 19/09/2012 – 09:52 AM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM,(PIC)– Israeli Occupation Authorities (IOA) renewed the house arrest for the third time in a row of the journalist and human rights activist Abdel Latif Ghaith, 70, from the occupied city of Jerusalem.

This Israeli order is considered a violation to the international laws and conventions that stipulate the right to freedom of movement for all journalists, the Journalist Democratic Alliance said in its statement, pointing out to the increasing IOA’s attacks on Palestinian journalists and human rights activists especially the Jerusalemites.

The order was issued by the Israeli military commander of the West Bank, the Alliance stated, adding that his travel ban to the West Bank was extended for another six months under the pretext of security reasons.

This Israeli order against Abdel Latif Ghaith, one of the founders of Dameer institution for human rights, came after notifying him, nearly two months ago, of being banned from traveling abroad.

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