“Friends of Humanity International” advocate of prisoners’ rights and jurist activist Free Fuad Al-Khuffash

Al Qassam Website | 20-09-2012,09:50
Al Qassam website (Ahrar center) – “Friends of Humanity International” called the President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas to free the Palestinian advocate of prisoners’ rights and jurist activist Fuad Al Khoffash who was arrested for the sixth time by the Palestinian authorities yesterday (9/18) in the city of Nablus.

In a statement released today Wednesday “Ahrar center received copy”, the Organization stated that the act of arresting the competent jurist researcher Fuad Al Khoffash (37 years) by the Palestinian security services poses an oppressive, political and unjustified procedure. It is worth mentioning that Mr. Al Khoffash is the former head of the records bureau at the Ministry of Prisoners Affairs, which is affiliated to the Palestinian Authority, and the Director of Ahrar Prisoners’ Studies Centre.

“Friends of Humanity”, based in Vienna, addressed the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas demanding that Al Khoffash; who went on hunger strike as soon as he entered the detainee, is treated in accordance with the law provisions away from any physical harm or psychological pressure and is promptly released and assisted to return to his family.

The rights group confirmed that Mr. Al-Khoffash was tortured during his previous detentions, what led to the breaking bones in some parts of his body. The Organization said that the reports on the way the prisoners are being treated at the detention and interrogation facilities operated by the Palestinian Authority since 1993 and the continuous death occurrences there arouse its fears of any abuses that are likely to be experienced again on Mr. Al Khoffash and expressed its concern over his health. It also indicated that the researcher had been previously arrested several times by the Palestinian Authority on 22/7/2007, on 12/8/2007, on 20/2/2008 on 11/8/2008 and on 1/10/2009.

It should be noted that Ahrar Prisoners’ Studies and Human Rights Centre, which is managed by Fuad Al Khoffash, publishes critical studies and researches about the Palestinian prisoners, actively engages in defending their rights and organizing solidarity campaigns. “Friends of Humanity“ has established fruitful cooperation with the Centre geared to safeguarding and protecting the Palestinian prisoners’ rights and mitigating their agony.

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