Haniyeh: “No concessions to the detriment of our rights”

[ PIC 23/09/2012 – 08:04 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyeh, stated that the convoys of solidarity with the Palestinian people prove that the Palestinian issue is the nation’s central cause and that Palestinian people is not alone in confronting Israeli occupation.

Haniyeh stressed, while receiving convoy of “Fidelity 3” which comprised many Arab and foreign nationalities that the Palestinian people will be always adhering to the constants and will not give its rights up, calling on the nation to keep on supporting the Palestinian people.

“The Strip has been exposed to many difficulties and attacks at all levels, most notably the siege, which aimed at overthrowing the government and the war waged by the occupation to free the Zionist soldier Gilad Shalit. However, Israeli attempts failed and Shalit was liberated only after the liberation of more than 1047 Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails,” added the Prime Minister.

He also said that after five years of pain and siege on the Gaza Strip the Palestinian people managed to thwart Israeli strategy from achieving its objectives, while the resistance succeeded to rebuild itself.

Haniya asserted that the victory of Gaza has become very close as the siege did not achieve its objectives because Gaza did not relinquish the Palestinian constants.

For his part; the head of the convoy Mohammed Hannoun confirmed that they will always support the Palestinian people and its issues, and that the convoys will continue until the liberation of Palestine and al-Aqsa Mosque.

The participants in the convoy also talked about creating development projects in the Gaza Strip in order to break the siege, most notably “Bank of production” that aims at creating small projects and thus reducing unemployment in the Gaza Strip.

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