Fatal fire prompts call for Egypt to help electricity supply in Gaza

the burnt room of three-year-old boy Fathi al-Bogdadi in Bureij refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip September 26, 2012. Al-Bogdadi died and his infant sister suffered critical burns when a candle lit amid a power outage burnt their house down. REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa

MEMO | Sept 27, 2012

The Palestinian government in the Gaza Strip has called on the Egyptian authorities to provide greater support for the territory’s electricity supply, which is still in crisis.

Government spokesman Taher Al-Nunu said that the tragic fatal fire at the home of the Al-Baghdadi family in which a three-year old was burnt to death prompted the latest urgent request. “The Arab countries in general should help us to end the crisis,” he said.

The boy died and his brother was seriously injured when a fire broke out at their home in Al-Bureij refugee camp after the boys lit a candle because there was a power cut.

Mr. Al-Nunu criticised the silence of the international community about the growing electricity crisis in the sector which doubles the pain of the Israeli siege and its repercussions on Gaza. Concerned citizens held a demonstration in front of the only power plant in Gaza City in protest at the frequent power cuts.

The Gaza Strip suffers from power outages for many hours on a daily basis due to insufficient electricity being generated. Egypt increased the amount of electricity provided to Gaza several months ago from 17 to 22 megawatts.


  • “Will you remember 3 year old Fathi from Gaza who died due to the Silenced Genocide?” – by occpal


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