24 civil society organisations condemn PA arrests of the journalists in WB | @RSF_RWB @Pressfreedom

[ PIC 28/09/2012 – 11:12 AM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The Palestinian civil society coalition condemned the PA arrest campaign against journalists in West Bank.

The Coalition to defend freedom of expression in Palestine lamented the continued violations and abuses of freedom of opinion and expression, including the arrest of several journalists for their political views in social networking sites, calling for the protection of freedom of speech and the Palestinian journalists, and to enable them to perform their mission in good conditions.

The coalition, which includes twenty-four Foundations and NGOs concerned with media freedom and the rights of journalists and freedom of expression, said on “Palestinian journalist Day” that the celebration of Palestinian journalist Day is an opportunity to emphasize the need to defend journalists and freedom, and to protect them from abuses and violations.

The Coalition stressed on the need to “pursue those who attack journalists, especially those who were behind the killing of journalists, calling for the urgent need to develop the Palestinian legislation according to the international conventions and laws that protect freedom of expression.

The Coalition to defend freedom of expression in Palestine renewed its ongoing commitment to work with all institutions and civil society to defend the safety of journalists and freedoms.

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