Gestapo Style: PA forces besiege the house of Urif’s detainees for five days

[ PIC 28/09/2012 – 11:42 AM ]

NABLUS, (PIC)– Hajja Um Anwar Shehadeh, the mother of four detainees by PA preventive security in the city of Nablus, confirmed that the PA security are still surrounding their house in the village of Urif since dawn Sunday.

Um Anwar stated, in a telephone call to the Aqsa TV on Wednesday evening, that a large force of Preventive Security Service had raided the family home early Sunday and brutally arrested her four sons, Anwar, Wael, Nihad, and Zia.

Regarding her sons’ health conditions, she confirmed that her son Nihad is at the National Hospital in Nablus, where he is suffering from blood pressure and his health worsening, while Zia suffers back pain.

“They are soldiers of Islam and Palestine, and they should be honored rather than imprisoned in PA jails,” she said.

The mother revealed that dozens of the security forces have been surrounding the house since early Sunday, and preventing the family members from going out or communicating with the media or any human rights organizations, also confirmed that she was subjected to humiliating inspection by Palestinian female soldiers.

The mother also revealed that a Palestinian officer threatened her in case she talked to the media in spite of her health and her old age.

Um Anwar called on the media to expose the PA brutal practices and its violations against the Palestinian families.

The father of the detainees, Haj Abdul Hafeez Shehadeh, died in 1985, and Um Anwar had to assume upbringing her children by herself. Shehadeh family is one of most known Urif’s families where most of her children were arrested by the occupation forces several times.

The public prosecutor in Nablus had extended the arrest of her four children yesterday afternoon for an additional 15 days, where reports confirmed that some faced severe torture, noting to the continued deterioration of Nihad’s health condition.


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