The Popular Committees accuse Fayyad of normalizing

[ PIC 28/09/2012 – 10:59 AM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Secretary-general of the Palestinian popular committees against the wall and settlements, Azmi al-Shyoukhi, accused head of Ramallah government Salam Fayyad of “deliberately causing differences and divisions” within the committees and dragging them toward normalization with the occupation under the banner of the Popular Resistance.

“The government deliberately interferes in the affairs of popular factors to create divisions, especially in areas that are subjected to constant attacks by the occupation,” Shyoukhi told Quds Press.

He said that the adoption of the Ramallah government of some pro-normalization opportunists elements of the Popular Resistance is causing destruction of the movement.

Dozens of Palestinian popular committees coordinators in the West Bank gathered in the city of Ramallah to protest against what they considered as a “blatant interference in the work of the Popular Committees against settlements and the wall in the West Bank and to drag them toward normalization with the occupation under the banner of Popular Resistance.

Ratib Jabour, the coordinator of the Popular Committee Against settlements in Yatta stated that the participants raised slogans accusing Fayyad of normalizing with the occupation on the behalf of the Popular Resistance through his blatant intervention and his support of normalizing youth associations funded by the Peres Center for Peace.


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