Journalist Khalid still refuses to eat or talk for the 10th day of arbitrary detention

[PIC 30/09/2012 – 09:05 PM ]

NABLUS, (PIC)– Journalist and liberated captive Walid Khaled, from the village of Iskaka, entered his tenth day refusing to eat or talk in Juneid prison west of Nablus, in protest at his arbitrary political detention by the PA.

Walid Khalid was arrested by PA security only two weeks after his release from Israeli occupation prisons after serving more than 16 years there.

The human rights center MADA, monitoring press freedoms in the occupied Palestinian territories, called for immediately releasing journalist Walid Khaled, the former director of Filastin newspaper in the West Bank, and who was arrested in the campaign of recent political arrests during which more than 120 leaders and members of Hamas in the West Bank have been arrested.

MADA stressed in a statement on Saturday, on the need to stop the violations against press freedoms in all parts of occupied Palestine, considering the arrest of journalists a violation of the Palestinian Basic Law.

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