Arab League: UN should respond to Lieberman ‘threats’

Maan News Agency | Oct 3, 2012

CAIRO (Ma’an) — The Arab League called Tuesday on UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon and the international Quartet to respond to “threats” by Israel’s foreign minister.

Mohammad Sbeih, assistant to the Arab League secretary in the Palestinian affairs department, said Avigdor Lieberman’s latest remarks against President Mahmoud Abbas were unacceptable.

Reacting to Abbas’ speech at the UN on Thursday, Lieberman said Abbas was “the biggest obstacle to peace.”

“Everyone who heard Abbas’ speech understands that he does not intend, and does not want, to be a partner in a peace agreement,” Lieberman said.

Sbeih referred to Lieberman as a “terrorist” and urged the UN secretary to respond to his “attack.”

“As a state in the UN, Israel should not be practicing guerrilla warfare. Abbas’ life should be protected from all Israeli threats against him, and each Arab is responsible for that,” he said.

He added that Arab countries “are talking about peace, but Israel does not want peace, neither the two-state solution nor any solution that makes the situation stable.”

Also Tuesday, the Palestinian Authority strongly condemned Lieberman’s remarks.

At a weekly meeting in Ramallah, the cabinet said it considered the statements to be “blatant incitement against our people and its National Authority.

“In this regard, the Cabinet called on the international community to adopt a clear position from such statements and to work to end the Israeli occupation, in line with international law.”

Israel’s defense minister has criticized Lieberman and said his views did not represent policy.

“Lieberman’s comments about the Palestinian Authority and its president do not represent Israeli policy, and harm Israeli interests,” Barak’s office said in a statement.

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