Israeli occupation closes Ibrahimi Mosque before Muslims for Jewish holidays

[ PIC 02/10/2012 – 07:47 PM ]

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Israeli occupation forces (IOF) decided on Monday to close the Ibrahimi Mosque before Muslim worshipers for two days under the pretext of Jewish holidays.

According to the director of Awqaf in al-Khalil, Zeid Al-Ja’bari, the Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) handed over the directorate of Awqaf a communication to close the Ibrahimi Mosque before Muslims next Tuesday and Wednesday, for the Jewish “Sukkot” holiday, which falls on Tuesday.

Al-Ja’bari denounced these arbitrary procedures in the houses of worship, and considered them an infringement on the divine religions and freedom of worship, guaranteed by all international laws.

He also pointed out that IOF prevented Muslims from performing adhan (calling for prayers) at the Ibrahimi Mosque at the pretext that it disturbs the Israeli settlers and that the occupation has put obstacles before worshipers by exposing them to extortion and searches at the electronic gates leading to the Mosque.

The IOA has been always trying to close the Mosque and prevent Muslims from entering it on all Jewish holidays and occasions.

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