PRESS RELEASE | Israeli Army closed roads connecting Yatta to Palestinian villages beside the Bypass road 317 (Photos)

Operation Dove | Oct 2, 2012


At Tuwani, 1st October 2012 – At around 12:00 am one bulldozers belonging to the Israeli Army escorted by two military jeeps closed two road that connect the Palestinian cities of Yatta, Al Birkhe and Marah el Bati to Palestinian villages beside Bypass-road 317.

The soldiers affirmed that their work was necessary for security reason and they were not allowed to talk about this.

The road blocks are usually accumulations of earth, rock or cement materials. The damage caused to the residents is significant and varied: trouble getting home with a motorized vehicle, unable to carry out economic and commercial activities, impeding the supply of water by tanker (these villages are not connected to a water network ), difficulty of access for emergency vehicles.

The road blocks aim to isolate Palestinian villages from each other, while allowing the connection between the various Israeli’s settlements of Suseya, Mezadot Yehuda, Ma’on and Karmel (connected by the bypass road 317, used by only a small number of Palestinians).

Already in 2005, the army erected a barrier along the road linking Karmel to Daharia, where these two blocks are present. In December 2006 the Court decreed the removal of the blocks within six months. The order was not executed, and in 2007 the army was ordered to pay a fine. Following this the removal was effected.

Operation Dove has maintained an international presence in At-Tuwani and South Hebron Hills since 2004.


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