Khaled Mash’al is not a traitor, the murderer of his own people is ~ by Khalid Amayreh

[ PIC 03/10/2012 – 09:51 PM ]

By Khalid Amayreh in Ramallah

A commentary by the Syrian state-run TV on Monday 1 October attacked the Palestinian Islamist leader Khaled Mash’al, calling him, inter alia, a traitor.

The attack appeared to be prompted by Mash’al’s condemnation of the pornographic slaughter by the cultic, sectarian regime of the Syrian people.

The esoteric Alawite regime had been accustomed to distributing epithets of patriotism and treason to its friends and foes.

However, the ongoing Syrian revolution against the murderous regime seems to have exposed the total bankruptcy of the regime and its supporters.

The regime claimed and continues to claim to be a guardian of Arab nationalism and Arab rights against Zionism and Western, especially American imperialism.

However the genocidal murder of the Syrian people and destruction of hundreds of Mosques throughout Syrian cities at the hands of the diabolical regime has shown that the regime is probably the biggest enemy of Islam, Arabism and even humanity.

The Syrian regime has purchased tens of billions of dollars’ worth of military gear allegedly to fight Israel and restore the occupied Golan Heights.

However, the scandalous thing is that not only the anti-Islam regime, which uses the rhetorical slogans of Arabism to conceal and blur its nefarious sectarianism, has not fired a single bullet on Israel ever since the 1973 war.

Instead, it has used all it arsenal, including the air force, to rain death on innocent Syrians in order to keep his small heretical sect in power for eternity.

The tyrannical regime has already killed more than 40,000 Syrians and destroyed as many as 100,000 homes throughout Syria . It has also forced hundreds of Syrians out of their homes, with at least a quarter of a million moving for safety in neighboring countries.

And now, the regime is busy destroying Syrian towns, one by one, in order to present the post-Assad regime with the daunting task of rebuilding Syria from scratch.

We don’t need to defend Khalid Mash’al or President Muhammed Mursi or even Recep Teyyep Erdogan against name-calling by a despicable regime whose leaders should have been shipped like drugged violent animals to stand trial for their incalculable crimes against their own people as well as Lebanese and Palestinians.

As we all know, the Israeli Mossad tried numerous times to murder Br. Mash’al. Indeed, it was only thanks to God’s providence that Br. Mash’al remained alive. And now the true traitors and mass murderers in Damascus are urinating and defecating from their mouths by calling one of the most honorable scions of the Palestinian and Arab people a “traitor.”

The hateful regime in Damascus may have succeeded in deceiving millions of Arabs about his true credentials and the true color of his skin. But now, thanks to the Syrian revolution, it ideological bankruptcy, treason and murderous nature have been exposed to all and sundry.

The Assad regime’s expectations that Hamas and other Islamist groups and entities would side with the regime against the people of Syria are really beyond the pale of reason and decency.

The Palestinian person, especially Hamas, has no grudges against minorities in Syria. Palestinians and Arabs in general are not against the Alawite minority because of its heretic religion. Everyone should be free to practice their religion. However, the Alawite regime in Damascus has no right to destroy Syria and exterminate its Sunni population in order to keep the Alawite sect in power.

The statements attributed to Br. Mash’al in which he voiced his support for the Syrian people’s revolution are a principled moral expression by the leader of an Islamic liberation movement.

Hamas, which is struggling for freedom from the criminal Zionist regime, can not possibly fight oppression and criminality in occupied Palestine while supporting even greater oppression and criminality in Syria. Such a stance would be morally indefensible to say the very least.

Let us be crystal clear. When Khaled Mash’al praised the Syrian revolution while in Ankara, he was reflecting the true feelings of 99% of the Palestinian people as well as the vast majority of Arabs and Muslims around the world.

In a nutshell, Mash’al was simply being faithful to Islam, human decency and true Arabism. We salute him for his honesty and rectitude.

As to Assad, the murderer of his own people, he, too, has been true to long traditions of treason, perfidy and collaboration with colonialist powers and enemies of Islam and the Arabs.

A few weeks ago, the French ambassador to the United Nations reportedly surprised the Syrian envoy to the international organization with a document dating back to the 1940s and detailing the collusion of leaders of the Alawite sect with the French colonialist authorities.

The document also showed the grandfather of President Assad, Suleiman al-Assad, imploring the French government to keep its mandate over Syria.

The document revealed a treasure of information exposing the treachery and perfidy of the Alawite sect. especially its collusion and collaboration with the French occupation authorities.

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