Belhadj: Damascus and Tehran’s attack on Meshaal distorts resistance

Never forget… how this world called resistance fighting the evil of Nazism: “Heroes”.

Nowadays… those fighting the same evil Zionism are called “Terrorists”. Compare and make up your mind.

[ PIC 07/10/2012 – 08:45 PM ]

ALGERIA, (PIC)– Sheikh Ali Belhadj, the second man in the Algerian Islamic Front for Salvation, praised Hamas politburo chief Khaled Meshaal’s support for the Syrian people’s demands for dignity and freedom, considering it as a part of resistance and defending the oppressed.

He described the campaign waged by some Syrian and Iranian media against Hamas political bureau, Khaled Meshaal, as an “unfair” campaign.

“From his Islamic religious duty, Khaled Meshaal has to supports the oppressed not to stand with the unjust, this is why he chose to stand by the Syrian people, supported by all religious texts, even those based on the Shiite inheritance,” he said

“Meshaal bias to the Syrian people reflects a long-term strategy that must be adopted by every sincere Muslim, so no circumstantial privileges could prevent standing with the oppressed and to address the unjust,” he added.

Belhadj considered Meshal’s support to the demands of the Syrian people for freedom and dignity is resistance itself.

Meshal did not change his position on resistance but he expressed support for the oppressed who resist injustice, he said calling on all Islamic movements to stand by the oppressed and not to remain hostage to circumstantial privileges.

Meshaal is still on the side of the resistantance, but what was uncovered is the false claims of the Syrian regime that it supports resistance while the same time it oppresses its own people, he added.

He praised Meshaal’s brave position, calling on all Islamic movements and the free world to stand by him and to support him against this media campaign waged by the Syrian and Iranian regimes.

Regarding the Iranian position, Belhadj said that Iran was wrong in supporting the Syrian regime against his people, which goes against Islamic teachings, including that of Shiites, which focuses on supporting the oppressed and resisting injustice. “I do not think that the Iranian regime represents all the people of Iran, certainly there are of them who firmly support the Syrian people in demanding freedom and dignity,” he explained.

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