Report: Israel razed 19 Palestinian homes and structures in two months

[ PIC 07/10/2012 – 08:59 AM ]

A Palestinian family stands on top of the rubble of their home after it was demolished by the IOA

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) demolished last August and September 19 Palestinian homes and structures in the occupied cities of Jerusalem, Al-Khalil and Bethlehem as well as the Jordan Valley and the Negev region.

This came in a report issued on Saturday by “together against settlement” society covering the settlement activities during the reporting months, August and September.

Together against settlement said the IOA issued during the months 40 demolition orders against other Palestinian structures and annexed 2,070 dunums of land owned by Palestinian citizens.

The society noted that Israel makes claims to justify its demolition of Palestinian homes and structures, and its displacement of families, most prominently its claim that they are built in areas classified as C or without construction permits.

The Israeli occupation and its authorities, however, impose restrictions on the Palestinians to prevent them from building on their own lands and this situation prompts many of them to build without permits as a result of the natural growth of the native population, especially in Jerusalem.

Israel does not only demolish homes, but also schools, water wells, stores, Bedouin hamlets and even tents established in place of razed homes, the society stressed.

It affirmed that these violations are part of Israel’s major policy to force the Palestinian natives to leave their homes and lands, especially in Jerusalem where dozens of homes have been knocked down since the start of the current year, not to mention of dozens of demolition orders issued against many others.

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