Occupation stops Jerusalemite pilgrims from leaving for Makkah

[ PIC 09/10/2012 – 08:21 PM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Local sources in occupied Jerusalem reported on Tuesday that the Israeli occupation forces prevented a number of Jerusalemite pilgrims from traveling through al-Krama Bridge, and sent them back to the city on the pretext of not paying taxes.

The occupation authorities always oblige travelers, including pilgrims, from Jerusalem to pay dues before leaving the city as the “Arnona” tax for the Jerusalem Municipality in the city and the Jewish first TV channel tax for the Israeli Broadcasting Authority, estimated at thousands of shekels for one person.

The Jerusalemite activist, Fakhri Abu Diab, noted in a press statement today, that “most of the Jerusalemites do not watch this Zionist official channel. Some of them do not even know about its existence.”

He also added that the Israeli Knesset, in an attempt to circumvent the laws, has issued a law that obliges the Jerusalemites, even those who do not own a television, to pay this tax for the Israeli Broadcasting Authority.

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