Abu Teir: PA promises to pre-Oslo prisoners are false

[ 09/10/2012 – 08:02 PM ]

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Mohammed Abu Teir, MP and a liberated prisoner deported from Jerusalem, considered the PA promises to release prisoners detained before Oslo agreement as false.

Abu Teir told PIC that PA promises to release the veteran prisoners are false, because it is unable to pressure the occupation, which wants to restart negotiations that have always served its interests, in exchange of releasing a small number of veteran prisoners.

He also noted that PA is not ready nor can it be trusted to liberate Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, while its apparatuses are continuing to detain Palestinians in the West Bank.

“Talking about releasing the pre-Oslo deal prisoners shows the authority’s attempt to cover the Palestinian-Israeli ‘peace’ projects,” added the MP.

Mohammed Abu Teir, an ex-prisoner who served in the Israeli jails over 30 years most of which before the Oslo agreement in 1993, revealed that there are more than 120 prisoners arrested by Israeli authorities before Oslo, demanding PA to stop giving false promises to free them and frustrating their families because of what is being published in the media.

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas had announced last October that a number of prisoners would be soon released by the occupation according to an agreement which has not been applied till today.

Abbas’s new promises came during a meeting in his Ramallah office with families of dozens of veteran prisoners who were jailed before the Oslo Accord.

Abbas told the families that Israel was exploiting the suffering of their sons to “blackmail” the PA leadership, but did not elaborate.

The families of veteran prisoners accused Abbas of manipulating their feelings and neglecting the issue of their sons, during the meeting.

A special source told PIC that Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas left the meeting without taking into account the feelings of prisoners’ relatives.

The source said that Abbas met twenty families of prisoners held before Oslo on Saturday to tell them that Israeli occupation has agreed to the gradual release of only a limited number (85) of prisoners who were jailed before the signing of the Oslo Accords, on conditions.

The Palestinian Authority president also told the families that the occupation conditioned that, once freed; the liberated prisoners will be prevented from approaching the settlements, traveling or leaving their areas.

The source added that one of the prisoners’ relatives told Abbas, during the meeting, that if he could not release their sons, he should leave it to others who are able to confront the occupation and liberate the captives, detained for more than 20 years, which angered Abbas driving him to leave the meeting.

“A state of anger prevailed among prisoners’ families who demanded PA’s leaders to stop manipulating their feelings and to show more respect to the prisoners’ issue and their families”, the source continued.

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