IOA prevents the liberated Wael Abu Jalboush’s family from going for Hajj

[ PIC 10/10/2012 – 05:36 PM ]

JININ, (PIC)– Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) prevented the liberated prisoner Wael Kamel Abu Jalboush’s family from going to the pilgrimage (Hajj). They were returned from the Krama bridge and prevented from completing their way to perform Hajj.

Sources told PIC that the IOA refused to let the liberated prisoner’s father Kamel Ahmed Abu Jalboush, 84, and his mother Nasra Said Abu Jalboush, 74, to travel after holding both of them for two hours at Karama bridge and forced them to return to their village, south of Jenin, on the pretext of security prevention claiming that their son was liberated in al-Ahrar exchange deal.

The liberated prisoner Wael has stated, in an interview with our correspondent, that the prevention of his parents from going to pilgrimage came in light of the Israeli pressures practiced against the prisoners’ families.

The Israeli army has arrested Wael Abu Jalboush during al-Aqsa uprising (Intifada), and he was sentenced to life in prison and released in the first phase of al-Ahrar deal

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