Israeli occupation refuses the appeal of journalist Amer Abu Arfa

[ PIC 10/10/2012 – 04:42 PM ]

AL-KHALIL, GAZA, (PIC)– Ofer Military court rejected, on Tuesday, the appeal against the decision to extend the administrative detention of the journalist Amir Abdul Halim Abu Arafa.

Human rights sources, which attended the court hearing, reported that the judge questioned the journalist about what he was exposed to in PA’s prisons, and that after the journalist talked about his suffering and the torture to which he had been exposed there, the Israeli judge told him: “Stay in our prisons it would be better for you!”

The administrative detention of journalist Abu Arafa has been extended for the third time respectively. He has been detained since 14 months, without charge and without even being interrogated.

Meanwhile, Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli occupation jails called, in a letter, on all Muslims around the world and on Palestinian people “in all Gaza strip’s camps and villages, all the West Bank’s districts and the 1948-occupied territories” to pray for them and lauch a campaign to support their cause.

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