Abu Seir: The capture of soldiers is the magical solution to free our prisoners | استدراج الأغبياء

[ PIC 11/10/2012 – 01:48 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– Palestinian ex-detainee Samer Abu Seir said the last prisoner swap deal proved that the resistance option and the capture of Israeli soldiers are the magical solution for the liberation of Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails.

Abu Seir, who was among the detainees released as part of this deal, made his remarks to the press on the eve of the first anniversary of the swap deal under which hundreds of prisoners, including 280 Palestinians sentenced to life in prison, were released in exchange for an Israeli soldier.

The deal was named by the Palestinian resistance as Wafa Al-Ahrar (Commitment of the freemen) which refers to its pledge to extract the freedom of prisoners.

“This deal that deserves to stand up for with pride and honor has carried out obvious message to both parties concerned with the division and to all national and Islamic forces to necessarily assume their national duties to serve the national cause in general and the issue of prisoners in particular,” Abu Seir stated.

He also urged all prisoners freed as part of this deal to make this anniversary an incentive to continue their struggle against the Israeli occupation.

Abu Seir, who is now an exile in Gaza, strongly denounced the Palestinian authority security forces for arresting many of his fellow ex-detainees who were released following the swap deal and said such behavior does not serve the national cause and adversely affect the inter-Palestinian reconciliation efforts.

In this regard, the national committee for defending prisoners in Gaza initiated on Thursday the first day of activities and events to celebrate the first anniversary of the prisoner swap deal.

The anniversary events started with a ceremony held this morning outside the house of prisoner and Hamas leading figure Hasan Salama in the presence of Palestinian officials from the government and representatives of Palestinian factions as well as ex-detainees and families of prisoners.

In a speech, Palestinian minister of prisoners’ affairs Attallah Abul-Sabeh called on all Palestinian factions to never give up their resistance action against the occupation and their attempts to capture Israeli soldiers.

“You will not have pride or dignity except through the resistance work. To all factions and the [Palestinian] liberation organization, you had enough sleep and it is time to work for the liberation of our prisoners who sacrificed their freedom for Palestine and all Palestine,” Abul-Sabeh highlighted.

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