MP Abdel Jawad denounces the PA’s blackmail of citizens

[ PIC 12/10/2012 – 12:07 PM ]

NABLUS, (PIC)– MP Dr. Nasser Abdel-Jawad, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council representing Hamas in Salfit, called on the PA security services in the West Bank to stop charging citizens fraudulently in order to exploit them and issue them with repeated summonses them to the Security services’ headquarters for interrogating about these alleged charges.

MP Abdel Jawad pointed out, in a press statement on Thursday, to many “glaring examples”, which became extremely annoying and intolerable to the citizens.

The citizen, Hussam Abdullah Abu Hamda, was summoned several times by PA intelligence and the preventive Security in Salfit on the pretext that he works for MP Abdel Jawad, while in fact he does not work for the MP, but he is a building worker and he fears losing his job because of the many absences to attend security interviews, according to the MP.

Abdel Jawad denounced PA policies used during interrogation, which violate the law and blackmail citizens. For example the PA security asked Abdullah Abu Jamda, repeatedly to cooperate [by cooperating they mean to start working as an infiormer] with them in return for halting summoning and prosecuting him.

He also called for the release of political prisoners from Salfit and all provinces of the country, especially the journalist Walid Khaled, Sheikh Aziz Vtash, Said Merhi, and Suhaib Merhi, who were abducted from their homes about twenty days ago without charge, and they are still detained in Junaid prison in Nablus.

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