Palestinian activist: situation of refugee camps in Syria is worsening

Palestinian Information Center | Oct 12, 2012

ISTANBUL, (PIC) — Tariq Hamoud, the coordinator of the international working group for Palestinian refugees in Syria, confirmed that the Syrian security forces had attacked a farm belonging to Hamas movement in the area of “Drousha” on the outskirts of Damascus.

Hamoud said that the Syrian security forces had confiscated all the properties of the movement in the farm, including dozens of cars, after members of Hamas had to leave Syria when the situation in Syria worsened.

He expressed to “Quds Press” agency his concern about the increased suffering of the Palestinian refugee camps in Syria, saying: “The information about the launch of a security crackdown against the leaders and members of Hamas in the Palestinian refugee camps in Syria are not precise, but the situation in the camps, in general, is getting worse and is deteriorating. ”

The Palestinian researcher and activist also pointed to Thursday’s shelling of Deraa’s refugee camps and to the increasing number of security and military checkpoints and harassment of Palestinians at these checkpoints.

Hamoud noted that targeting Palestinian refugee camps in Syria has become an official policy adopted by the Syrian regime, pointing to the killing of 500 Palestinian martyrs since the outbreak of the Syrian crisis.

He also pointed to the sharp shortage of diesel and gas and to the increasing numbers of Palestinians and Syrians displaced to the camps, which aggravated the humanitarian situation there and increased the suffering of the refugees.

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