Rizqa: Israeli elections will negatively affect Palestinian issue

Palestinian Information Center | Oct 12, 2012

GAZA, (PIC)– Dr. Youssef Rizqa, the political adviser for Palestinian Prime Minister stated that holding early Israeli elections will negatively and indirectly affect the Palestinian issue.

Rizqa said in a statement to Quds Press “the effects of the Israeli elections will be indirect on the Palestinian issue, particularly on the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah and the option of negotiations. There will be negative effects as Netanyahu, in case he wins, will form a government even more extremist than his current government.”

Concerning the military escalation against the Gaza Strip and the possibility of further escalation in case the election campaign begins, he said, “the military escalation against Gaza has started since nearly three months, and I think that the Israelis have always had the desire to attack the Strip.”

He continued: “The Gaza Strip is wary about this matter, and therefore the Palestinian resistance has been trying to coordinate its operations.”

Dr, Rizqa considered that advancing the date of the Israeli elections is directly and mainly linked to the Knesset internal situation and the partisan differences within the entity.

He also said that Netanyahu is trying to insure winning the election and rule for four more years, before even giving the other parties the chance to prepare themselves for the elections, and expected that Netanyahu has good chance of forming the next government.

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