Israel’s Policy of Medical Neglect: A prisoner from Jenin loses the ability to sleep because of his illness

[ PIC 13/10/2012 – 10:55 AM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The family of prisoner Hamza Sam Qa’qour said that he is losing the ability to sleep due to the severe pain from which he has been suffering coupled with the refusal of Megiddo prison administration to offer him treatment.

The family said on Saturday that the Israeli occupation authorities have promised to provide Hamza, 32, from the city of Jenin, with treatment since May but have been procrastinating until now, which resulted in serious complications affecting his life topped by his inability to sleep.

Hamza told the lawyer for Horriyet center, who visited him, that the deterioration of his health was caused by the prison administration’s policy that refused to treat his eyes after he started suffering vision problems.

He added that after a protest, the Doctors without Borders intervened and confirmed the seriousness of his situation and his need for cornea plantation surgery, which cannot be available at Israeli prisons.

“The prison Service has been always using such justifications to deprive us of treatment and has been always procrastinating. In the latest protest they said that I have to wait for my turn which is another justification to deprive me of treatment, in an attempt to lead me to the stage of vision loss”, prisoner Hamza revealed.

Hamza has been detained since July 27, 2008 and was sentenced to 8 years. He is married and a father of a child.

There are hundreds of patient Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, suffering from physical and psychological diseases, while their health conditions have been deteriorating in light of medical negligence policy by the Israeli prison service which restricts and denies the prisoners’ basic human rights.

The Israeli forces commonly use torture or other forms of inhumane and degrading treatment when dealing with Palestinian prisoners such as administrative detention; imprisonment without trial, or the continuation of imprisonment after the completion of a sentence, denial of basic living necessities, restriction of visiting hours, and solitary confinement.

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