Ministry of prisoners slams Israel’s use of violence against Shatta detainees

[ PIC 13/10/2012 – 07:00 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– The Palestinian ministry of prisoners’ affairs in Gaza strongly denounced the use of violence on Friday morning by Israeli jailers against the Palestinian detainees in Shatta jail.

According to a press release by the ministry, about 70 armed soldiers of the prison suppression units stormed suddenly section 7 inside Shatta jail and physically assaulted and maltreated the prisoners in the prison yard.

The use of violence against the prisoners prompted them to stand up for themselves and clash with the soldiers to fend off their attacks, but many of them sustained different injuries after they were brutally beaten with batons and rifle butts, the ministry stated.

The ministry said this assault on prisoners is very serious and may impel the prisoners in Israeli jails to escalate their protest steps using new ways that are much stronger than their hunger strike.

It urged all Palestinian resistance factions to respond to Israel’s repeated violations against their prisoners and not to let such acts go unpunished.

It also condemned the international silence on the Israeli violations against the prisoners and appealed to the Arab media to highlight the suffering of Palestinian prisoners and expose Israel’s practices against them.

In another context, a massive march was held on Friday by Hamas Movement in Khan Younis refugee camp to commemorate the first anniversary of the prisoner swap deal “Wafa Al-Ahrar” (commitment of the freemen).

The participants in this rally marched from the Mosque of the camp towards the house of Hamas prisoner and leading figure Hasan Salameh.

Minister of prisoners’ affairs Attallah Abul Sabeh said in a speech outside the house of Salameh that “the liberation of prisoners is a debt that should be repaid by all Palestinians.”

Abul Sabeh stressed that the Israeli occupation regime only understands the language of force and the Palestinian resistance used this language one year ago to force it to free many prisoners.

He noted that the anniversary activities and events would continue for a week and invited the Palestinian people from all spectra to celebrate this anniversary.

The minister also called on the Palestine liberation organization, Fatah faction, and the Arab League to halt the negotiations process and sever ties with Israel to respond to its violations against the prisoners and to support their cause.

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