VIDEO | #FreeAyman | Human rights researcher violently arrested by Israeli Forces

PressTV | Oct 16, 2012


Ayman Nasser, a researcher and employee of Addameer Prisoners Association was violently arrested and taken from his home by Israeli Forces.

The arrest took place at 1 am and lasted for 1.5 hours, in which time they raided his home with sniffer dogs and confiscated his mobile phone, computer and his children’s computer.

At 3 am Ayman was taken away and is currently being held in Moskobiyye detention centre in Jerusalem Al-Quds.

Ayman was previously imprisoned for six years by the Israeli Prison Service for his work as an activist, in which time his family explained his health badly deteriorated

Addameer are now calling upon the international community to intervene and in particular calls on the United Nations Special Rapporteur to intervene with Israel in raising this case alongside other Palestinian human rights defenders.

The family explained the violent way in which Ayman was taken from his home which included his wife being held with a gun to her head. Although the Israeli army didn’t mention that this was connected to his work with Addameer’s Lawyers Association, the Addameer lawyers continue to have little freedom of movement within the Palestinian Territories.


#FreeAyman | To find out more about human rights defender Ayman Nasser see Addameer

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