PIF refuses the reconstruction of the American School in the Gaza Strip

[ PIC 23/10/2012 – 06:08 PM ]

GAZA,(PIC)– A prominent Palestinian human rights activist revealed that officials in Ramallah authority refused to grant for the reconstruction of the American School in the Gaza Strip.

Dr. Eyad Sarraj, head of Gaza Center for Mental Health, said in an article on Monday, that the Palestine investment Fund (PIF) decided not to accept a grant of two million dollars to rebuild the American school destroyed by the 2008 Israeli war on Gaza, arguing that “Gaza does not deserve it, the best thing is to transfer the funds to other projects in Ramallah”.

He revealed that an American friend, worked with him to provide the necessary funding for the reconstruction of the school and managed to get two million dollars for this purpose and came to Gaza a few days ago, has informed him ofthis information.

He pointed out that the American activist said that one of the senior officials at PIF, who receives a salary of hundreds of thousands of dollars, has described Gaza and its people with vulgar words not suitable to be published.

Sarraj added that this situation led to many questions about the PIF and about its real mission. Has it become a part of the Israeli siege on Gaza? He wondered.


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