Occupation devises new brutal ways to punish the Palestinian MPs

[ PIC 31/10/2012 – 12:29 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The occupied West Bank in general and its city of Ramallah, in particular, witnessed recently, a remarkable escalation in Israeli brutal practices against Palestinian MPs and liberated prisoners.

The Israeli forces have increased its violations through seizing MPs’ vehicles, a new phenomenon that is described by political analysts as “piracy”.

Mahmoud Ramahi, secretary-general of the Palestinian Legislative Council, told Quds press that the occupation authorities deliberately invent new ways to crack down on Palestinian MPs and released prisoners after the agreement to stop the policy of “administrative detention”, through confiscating their vehicles and their money and their own properties, in a blatant violation to the international humanitarian law.

Ramahi pointed out that the occupation authorities did not inform him about the reason for confiscating his car three days ago on a military checkpoint north of the West Bank, and they did not give him any official paper emphasizes its confiscation.

While they handed MP Ahmed Mubarak a notification confirming the confiscation of his vehicle under the pretext of “emergency law,” which gives the occupation the right to seize any property of the people “were involved in the attacks on Israel security, even if it was on suspicion.”

The Israeli authorities have confiscated about six vehicles belonging to Palestinian MPs and liberated prisoners over the past three weeks.

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