Risheq: occupation crimes are not subject to statute of limitations

[ PIC 31/10/2012 – 01:04 PM ]

(PIC)– Ezzat Risheq, member of the Political Bureau in Hamas movement stressed on the 56th anniversary of Kafr Kassem massacre that the crimes of the Israeli occupation could not be subject to any statute of limitations.

Risheq said in a press statement on Tuesday: “We are commemorating the Fifty-sixth anniversary of the massacre committed by the Israeli occupation forces against the people of the border village of Kafr Kassem located on the border of 1948-occupied Palestine with the West Bank.”

49 Arab civilians were killed during the massacre, including women, children and elderly people, added Ezzat Risheq.

He stressed that the crimes of the occupation are not subject to any statute of limitations and that the Palestinian people will remain steadfast and will defend its land and holy sites until the liberation of Palestine and gaining the right of return.

The people of the village of Kafr Kassem, along with all Palestinians of 1948 occupied territories marked on Monday the 56th anniversary of the Kafr Kassem massacre, during which 49 citizen including children, women and elderly people from the village were shot dead, by the occupation army, while returning home from work on the pretext of violating the curfew.


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