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#PalHunger | Hunger-striking prisoner Mohammed Kanaana stops drinking water

[ PIC 01/11/2012 – 09:07 AM ] GALILEE, (PIC)– A Palestinian prisoner in Israeli jails stopped drinking water on Wednesday one week after starting a hunger strike protesting his incarceration along with Israeli homicide convicts. Mohammed Kanaana, from Araba town in the Galilee occupied since 1948, charged the Israeli Shatta prison administration with deliberately putting […]

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#VIDEO | Israel plays barbaric games in Gaza. Enough is enough!

Nov 1, 2012 by AllDunyaNews A prominent Gaza-based pro-Palestinian activist says that Gazans are under heavy psychological pressure from Israel just because they pursue their member state bid at the UN. The comments come as the Israeli warplanes have again carried out new airstrikes on the Gaza Strip in an unabated wave of aggression against […]

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Our stone is stronger than your bomb – Video by @teampalestina

Nov 1, 2012 by teampalestina Brave Palestinian fight the occupation with courage and stones. Know, that Israel attacks Palestine every second of the day … even when no rock(et) is launched…. Over 1000 Israeli attacks on Palestine in Less than 3 months

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#WestBankUnderAttack | VIDEO | Israeli troops attack Beit Ummar and arrest Wahid Abu Maaria

Published on Nov 1, 2012 by SupperWorldNews Israeli occupation forces raided the town of Beit Ummar, Northwest of Hebron/al Khalil during the early hours of Tuesday morning and surrounded the home of Wahid Abu Maaria before arresting him. Press TV’s Hanna Qassis reports from Beit Ummar. Follow our Facebook on: Follow our Twitter on: […]

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#PALESTINE NEWS | Nov 1, 2012

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات Nov 1, 2012 | 23984 Days Since Al-Nakba & Gaza has been under siege for 1968 days For news of previous news days | Daily News Overviews Follow on Twitter for more live updates Continuous updates.. How to deal with Zionism: Oppose – Expose – Dispose ~ by @docjazzmusic German Nobel […]

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Father Attallah Hanna slams attempts to recruit Christian Arabs in Israeli army

[ PIC 01/11/2012 – 11:48 AM ] OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Father Attallah Hanna, the archbishop of Sebastia in Jerusalem, strongly denounced the Israeli army for its attempts to recruit Christian Palestinians from the 1948 occupied lands. Father Hanna said those who participated in suspicious meetings with Israelis to encourage the Christian young men of Palestine […]

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#WestBankUnderAttack | Settlers assault farmers east of Qalqiliya

Maan News Agency | Nov 1, 2012 QALQILIYA (Ma’an) — A group of settlers from Kedumim settlement assaulted farmers in Jeit village east of Qalqiliya, locals said Thursday. Farmers were harvesting olives, and suddenly a group of settlers attacked them, they said. Israeli soldiers also assaulted farmers when they arrived. The farmers are Fakhri Yameen, […]

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#Israel occupation Oct 2012: 292 Palestinians arrested, 15 Martyrs during October

[ PIC 01/11/2012 – 11:32 AM ] GAZA, (PIC)– In its monthly report Ahrar center for human rights and prisoners studies stated that 292 Palestinians were arrested across the West Bank and the Gaza strip during October, in addition to 15 martyrs from the Gaza strip. Fuad al-Khuffash, the director of Ahrar center, said that […]

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#WestBankUnderAttack | Israeli occupation forces desecrate mosque arrest 9 West Bankers

[ PIC 01/11/2012 – 12:43 PM ] OCCUPIED WB, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) have desecrated at dawn on Thursday a mosque west of the city of al-Khalil in the occupied West Bank, and arrested eight Palestinian youths. Eyewitnesses told PIC’s reporter that Israeli soldiers raided the mosque of Ahmed Yassin in Ethna village […]

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#WestBankUnderAttack | Israeli occupation soldiers raze five installations used by Bedouin shepherds in Tobas

[ PIC 01/11/2012 – 11:19 AM ] TOBAS, (PIC)– Israeli occupation forces (IOF) razed five installations used by Bedouin shepherds in Khirbit Ebzeiq north of Tobas city on Wednesday. Eyewitnesses said that IOF soldiers forced the Bedouins out of those installations then demolished them and threatened to come back and raze the entire installations and […]

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#WestBankUnderAttack | Israeli occupation forces raid houses of Hamas and Islamic Jihad officials in Jenin

[ PIC 01/11/2012 – 12:04 PM ] JENIN, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) raided at dawn Thursday the towns of Yamoun and Silat Al-Harithiya to the west of Jenin city and interrogated Palestinian senior leaders from Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Local sources told a reporter for the Palestinian information center (PIC) that a senior […]

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#WestBankUnderAttack | 11-year-old Palestinian girl in critical condition after settler runs over her

Note occpal: Hit & Run attacks are not just incidents. When Cars Become Weapons: Settlers Deliberately Wound & Even Kill by Hit & Run Attacks ~ at Storify [ PIC 01/11/2012 – 09:12 AM ] AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– A Palestinian child was in serious condition after a hit-and-run incident near Beit Ummar village in Al-Khalil on […]

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Israelis vs. Africans [Goldstein Dawn] ~ Must See Video by David Sheen

Nov 1, 2012 ~ by occpal Israel’s ethnic cleansing not only targetsPalestinians in the West Bank, Gaza or inside Israel itself. Also Bedouin in historical 1948 Palestine and occupied territories are targeted too. Treated in the same way 1933 Nazi Germany treated the Roma gypsies.  Another silenced ‘holocaust’Not only,  to “make room” for the establishment […]

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#WestBankUnderAttack | Jewish settlers throw rocks on Palestinian cars

[ PIC 31/10/2012 – 08:28 AM ] RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Jewish settlers attacked Palestinian vehicles travelling along the road from Ramallah to Nablus damaging a number of cars, local sources said. They said that the attack on Tuesday night took place near the settlement of Shilo located to the east of Ramallah. The sources said that […]

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maher zain - palestine tomorrow will be free

#VIDEO | Palestine Will Be Free (without Music) ~ by @MaherZain

Oct 31, 2012 by Doody93Cat Lyrics  (Gratitude to @OmarAl_Mukhtar below the video) بصوت ماهر زين صاحب الغناء الهادف اقدم لكم انشودة فلسطين سوف تتحرر بدون موسيقي Palestine Tommorow Will Be Free. Every day we tell each other that this day will be, Will be the last And tomorrow we all can go home free. And […]

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