Israeli occupation forces demolish water well, arrests its owner east of Yatta

[ PIC 02/11/2012 – 10:38 AM ]

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Israeli bulldozers demolished in the late hours of Tuesday water well in the region of Tawani east of Yatta, south of Hebron, and arrested its owner before assaulting him and severely beat his daughter.

Fadel Raba Amour, 39, told the PIC’s reporter that an Israeli military force accompanied by bulldozers, raided at dawn on Tuesday the house of his brother Said Amour, who lives in a cave and pergola built on his land, and started demolishing the well which is used by the family to drink.

IOF assaulted his brother Said and his daughter Mary, 16, before arresting and taking him to an unknown destination, knowing that this is the second time the occupation forces demolished the well.

The occupation forces had raided the family’s home on Monday, and demolished the well and threatened Said to be arrested if he rebuilt the well after demolition, Fadel explained, adding that the family of his detained brother includes nine members, using this well for drinking, domestic and agricultural purposes , wondering: “How should we bring water, especially that the region is isolated and suffers from water shortage?”.

The Amour family confirmed their steadfastness in the face of occupation and its harassment policies against them and stressing that they will not leave their land no matter what the occupation can do.

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