Prisoner Zabin meets his child Muhannad for the first time

[ PIC 01/11/2012 – 09:39 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– Ms. Dalal, the prisoner Ammar Zabin’s wife, confirmed that her husband, 37, from Jenin district sentenced to 26 life terms with 25 years, has met his son Mohannad for the first time since his birth.

Um Muhannad reached Hadarim jail after a long difficult journey accompanied with her two daughters and her son Muhanned. After vigorous attempts, the prison’s director has allowed the prisoner to touch and kiss his son for the first time, preventing the wife and his daughters from approaching him.

The prisoner Ammar Zabin managed to smuggle his sperm confidentially from the prison to his wife to be grown in a test tube. After three attempts, the couple succeeded to have their child Muhannad.

Meanwhile, the prisoner Adnan al-Afandi, who is serving a sentence of 30 years in Israeli jails, was allowed to see his three brothers, on Wednesday, for the first time in 17 years.

The Palestine Center for Prisoners Studies confirmed in a statement on Wednesday that the prisoner al-Afandi was deprived from seeing his brothers in particular since 1996, adding that the Red Cross has been able for the first time in 17years ago to seek permission for his three brothers to visit him in prison for one time only.

The statement quoted the prisoner as saying, “this visit was historic for me, before 17 years I remember that my brothers were younger, and today I was surprised that they have reached fifty years old, and I wished if the time of the visit was longer than the usual forty-five minutes, the visit’s time has passed like a moment and it was like a dream for me”.

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