Massive protest against Wadi Araba treaty in Amman

Al Qassam Website 03-11-2012,09:06

Al Qassam website – Hundreds of Jordanians attended the popular sit-in that was staged on Friday in the courtyard of Kaloti Mosque near the Israeli embassy in Amman to protest Wadi Araba peace agreement between their country and the Israeli occupation.

Head of the higher executive committee to protect the homeland and oppose normalization Hamza Mansour called in a speech on the Jordanian leadership to revoke Wadi Araba agreement because it was useless and did not bring back the Jordanian rights.

For his part, senior official of the Jordanian national front for reform Mohamed Bashir said that all national parties reject this agreement and called for pooling the efforts to end it and confront Israel’s Judaization schemes in Palestine.

The protestors chanted slogans and carried banners calling for the closure of the Israeli embassy in Jordan and condemning Britain’s Balfour declaration and their country’s ties with the occupation state.

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