Prisoner Monadel Abdul Sharqawi Health Deteriorating in Megiddo Prison

Al Qassam Website 04-11-2012,09:04

Al Qassam website (Agencies) – Prisoners in Megiddo prison call for an urgent appeal for the release of captive Monadel Abdul Sharqawi from “Zababdeh” town near Jenin sentenced to 46 months in prison due for the deterioration of his health.

A report issued by the Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs, on Saturday, that the ministry lawyer visited captive Sharqawi, and pointed out that he has hysteria, memory loss and suffering from excessive electrical discharges in the head.

The lawyer said: Captive Sharqawi entered in a coma for a year in 2009 because of the beatings and torture he suffered on the head during his arrest.

The ministry report said that the prisoner Sharqawi cannot urinate only through urine bags because of the lack of nerves in the urinary tract.

During the years 2010 – 2011 the captive was vomiting blood because of the speed in the bronchi surrounded heart so explore which leads to bleeding from the mouth.

According to the Ministry’s report the captive had been given drugs by mistake by prison doctors, showing that the drugs given to him are medicines for epilepsy led to health complications for him, and began to endure cramps from time to time.

Doctors in prisons “Ramle and Afula” recognize that the deterioration of his health is due for severely beaten on the head and back after they made magnetic resonance of the head.

Sharqawi will be released on 27/1/2013, but prisoners demanded early release for him due to the deterioration in his health.

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